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Rebound Hounds

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day
Saturday, October 22, 2022
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$2,795.00 of our goal: $10,000.00

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day

Rebound Hounds

SINCE 2010 .... 12 years, REBOUND HOUNDS has saved over 3000 dogs from the shelters and streets of NYC and beyond. We're humbled by the amazing beauty, dignity and strength of these sentient beings and we know if allowed to continue, we can save another 3000 in the next decade! Our FOSPICE PROGRAM has saved dozens of seniors and medical needs dogs, placing them in loving, caring foster homes, supported for life by REBOUND. Our new HEALING HEARTS PROGRAM, has also saved many HW+ dogs, often overlooked in the shelters because of the cost of saving them. Though our rescue's heart will always be with New York dogs, we have also partnered with small, rural, horribly underfunded shelters down South to save moms and puppies and bullys ... vetting, spay/neutering, SAVING them from an unknown fate. 

Please help REBOUND continue! It's often uphill and hard work, but with you as our partners, the funding will be there to accomplish what is so desperately needed for these dogs. 

Thank you!

Rebound Hounds.

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