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Central Texas Feline Rescue

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day
Saturday, October 22, 2022
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$3,065.00 of our goal: $10,000.00

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day

Central Texas Feline Rescue

Thank you for visiting our Strut Your Mutt Team page. We’re raising money to help end the killing of pets in America’s shelters. And we plan on having a lot of fun doing it!

Without our efforts, hundreds more cats would face untimely deaths or out of control population on the streets of Austin, Texas. We’ve rescued cats on the brink of death, given them a second chance at life, and provided ongoing, long-term care for them – all thanks to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers, donors, and team. 

Now, we are calling on you again to help us double down on our rescue efforts this year with CTFR’s 2022 “Strut Your Mutt'' fundraiser. This is an opportunity to help us provide more loving care, more food, and more rescue operations for Austin’s cats. 

CTFR’s impact is clear in the stories and feedback we’ve received back from our supporters. Here are just a few words – 

Maria C: 

When you have a family of 4 to feed & pick up 1 stray kitten that lead to 18 cats you find out your hearts bigger then your pockets can afford; so it's good to know that there's help out there that have that same love for animals as you do. For that I'm thankful that CTFR has provided me with their helping hand and food supply.

From: Jamie K

Brady has had a stray cat population grow so fast that it has now become completely out of control. When I saw this I knew I had to help in some way. So, I reach out to Central Texas Feline Rescue and Elizabeth said, "yes we can help"

For the last few months we have been able to get cats from Brady spayed and neutered at a cost that this small town can afford. The work they do is such a life saver for these cats. 
We are looking forward to saving many more lives. 
Thank you Elizabeth and all of the people at Central Texas Feline Rescue for your time and dedication to these precious lives. 

From: Miranda D

Central Texas Feline Rescue has definitely helped our little town of Brady, TX. With helping control the cat population and cat food, Elizabeth has gone above and beyond in any way she can help. Truly a blessing! Thank you, Central Texas Feline Rescue!

From Sara,

"have noticed some feral cats roaming our neighborhood. After some research, I came across Central TX Feline Rescue online and found they had a lot of resources and tips. I emailed Elizabeth, the founder, and she let me know that not only would they be able to get the cats neutered and spayed, but they could also provide a volunteer trapper. Very responsive, very nice going above and beyond to help these cats.

From Greg Whitfield, " CTFR saved us from a situation that had no apparent solution. We had a population of feral cats on our property that was sure to grow in number, but we could find no organization that would take them for adoption. Putting them down was not an option for us. CTFR helped us trap, spay and neuter, vaccinate and recover them and we are so grateful to CTFR for helping us".

From Sandy Dearinger Waters, "They are so helpful with donations of feeding stations. For a rural town that needs those stations. Central Texas Feline Rescues does so much for the cats. Very thankful for their work and kindness. Thank you for everything! You're an amazing group." 

From Eva D McGaughey, "Opal and Whiskers = Both kitties were rescued together by Central Texas Feline Rescue. Thank you Central Texas Feline Rescue. Elizabeth Brumbaugh for working so hard to get these two kitties into better shape. We all appreciate how much effort & caring went into taking care of these two kitties."

From Sarah Buckner Duval, "Elizabeth was extremely helpful in getting me set up to trap the feral cat colony in my neighborhood.  She graciously drove across town to help, met me halfway multiple times while showing me the ropes.  She even donated several feeders.  I can't say enough good things about her and her organization.  She has a huge heart!"

Beyond our rescue efforts, CTFR also cares for over 130 feral cats in colonies spanning Austin and surrounding regions. We provide routine checkups, help rehome non-feral cats, and put food in hungry bellies. 

Be a part of our efforts to provide humane care for cats around Austin, TX by donating to our “Strut Your Mutt '' campaign. Together, we can Save Them All and reduce that number to zero. Thank you for your kind support.

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