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NorCal Boxer Rescue

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day
Saturday, October 22, 2022
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Our team has raised:
$33,089.00 of our goal: $50,000.00

2022 Strut Your Mutt Day

NorCal Boxer Rescue


For the past seven years, Strut Your Mutt has been critical to our ability to serve the most vulnerable boxers in northern California - the ill, injured, senior, and  those otherwise at greatest risk of shelter euthanasia.  We are grateful to be able to serve these dogs, knowing that their expenses are greater than that of the average, healthy, young dog.

In fact, on average, each adult dog in our care costs our organization about four times its adoption fee, and each senior costs about 15 times its adoption fee.  

We are able to sustain these costs thanks to each of you who supports us through Strut Your Mutt.

Last year, with your support, our Strut Your Mutt team raised just under $91,000, and was the top team in the nation!

Since the beginning of 2022, these funds helped us to provide care for 119 dogs, of which 16% were senior dogs.

Some of the dogs you have helped so far this year include:

Snow Whitea tiny, deaf puppy who was surrendered at only a few days of age when she was failing to thrive and was suffering from an infected tail that had been docked at home.

Blissa beautiful boxer lady who found herself homeless and pregnant before being rescued.

Zandera youthful fellow who somehow ended up in a shelter with serious and infected wounds all over his body.

Peteyan amazingly resilient senior dog who survived and recovered from a tragic car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed.

Gorda and Tanner, two perfectly wonderful senior boxers who came from separate shelters but are now adoptive siblings together in their loving home.

These dogs and so many others have benefitted from NCBR's work and from the support of caring people like you. 


You can help us continue to provide the care that these dogs need by:

  • Joining our team!
    • Your registration fee is tax deductible and counts as a donation to NCBR.  The event is virtual this year, so don't worry about where you live; you can support NCBR from anywhere!

  • Inviting your friends to join our team!

    • After all, what's more fun than virtual strutting with your buddies?

  • Fundraising for our team! 
    • Once you register, maximize your impact by letting your friends know you are participating and asking for their support!  Thanks to some generous donors, we will have some cool fundraising incentives for our fundraising teammates!
  • Donating to our team or teammates!
    • All donations - whether directly to the team or to one of our teammates' pages - support NCBR's work.
  • Spreading the word!
    • Share our team page with your friends and family!

Thank you for your support!

Check out our website here: or follow us on Facebook here:!

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