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CAWS-Community Animal Welfare Society

2022 Salt Lake City Strut Your Mutt
October 15, 2022
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$26,691.00 of our goal: $40,000.00

2022 Salt Lake City Strut Your Mutt

CAWS-Community Animal Welfare Society

Hooray!  A new year, and another opportunity to STRUT our mutts (and felines), and this year the finale is in-person!   We hope you’ll help us fundraise and join us for this end of effort celebration in October.  This big annual celebration is actually our biggest fundraiser of the year and the life blood of our rescue group. 

We need all hands-on-deck to help us raise the money that carries us and the critters we love to save, into the coming year.  Signing up to “Strut” (AKA: help us raise money!) says you believe in our mission- to save as many as we can.

In 2021 our incredible team of foster volunteers saved the lives of 1264 deserving pets.   

Each year, Best Friends Animal Society puts together this big event where our participating local businesses, friends, and family, are able to make tax-deductible donations that will go directly to the animals in our care.  As you know, CAWS is a foster-based, volunteer-operated, non-profit animal rescue group here in Utah, and we are proud to say that all of the money raised will directly go to help a dog or cat in our care, as we do not have a facility or any paid staff.

More money means more lives saved.  It's really pretty simple.  

Our teams of committed Cat and Dog Volunteers work feverishly to stretch every penny raised.  From negotiated discounted rates with our supporting vets, price shopping medications, utilizing donated items, to the frugal home care our volunteers are able to give- saving as much as we can, so that we can save MORE animals. You can be sure your generously donated, painstakingly fundraised, and hard-earned dollar will be carefully utilized, just as you would expect.   

So... how can YOU help?

By donating!  All donations are a tax write-off and will go directly to help a cat or dog in our program.  

By Joining us!  We need all of the help we can get.  When you sign up to "strut" you will be both donating to our cause (pun intended) and also helping us fundraise by asking your friends, family, and community businesses to donate.  (You will also get some sweet swag at the event!)

As you might know, CAWS is a 501c3, non-profit, animal rescue group.  We have been committed to saving animals in and around Utah for over 25 years.  Our groups efforts are funded solely on the donations we receive. 

Donations= Lives saved.  Be a life saver.

Much Love, 

The CAWS Team

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